Hello lovely, I’m Desiree. Thanks for being here! 

I created One Kynd World to share all my vegan secrets and essentials for eating, living and traveling kindly and compassionately.   

As a vegan for over six years…and vegetarian, since I could ask if the chicken I was eating was “a real chicken?”, 
I’ve tried thousands of vegan products since the days of the first vegan cheese and plant-based protein,
Traveled to over a dozen countries while sticking to a plant-based diet,
And developed countless recipes that even my not-yet-vegan friends love…
So, it’s about time I share all my vegan travel guides, go-to recipes, pantry must-haves, and everything in between! 

I can most commonly be found concocting a new vegan delicacy in the kitchen, at a Thai street food stall attempting to assist and/or convince the chef to  veganize a traditional dish,  or on the side of the road of any given country feeding and cuddling street dogs and cows. 

I love connecting with all my readers and building a community of beautiful, compassionate souls and we’d all love to have you here, too!
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