Vegan Veggie Frittatas ✧ Cast Iron & Muffin Minis with Just Egg

Vegan cheesy veggie frittatas that have fooled even the biggest egg lovers. No eggs required.

The perfect vegan brunch at home is now possible thanks to Just Egg (if you’re new here, my obsession is real).

The cast iron frittata is a dream for a Sunday brunch and the muffin minis are the perfect meal prep. I love to make a few batches on Sundays to heat up for the week!
I once made real egg ones for my boyfriend and these for me…he ate all mine thinking they were his before I got a single one.

You can find Just Egg in the egg section at most larger-chain grocery stores (Sprouts, Safeway, Frys), Walmart, and always at Whole Foods…and they’re expanding by the day! Click here to find a location near you!
*Pro-tip: It is somehow $5 opposed to $9 at Whole Foods…may or may not be the only cheaper item to buy there.

Vegan Veggie Frittata Recipe

Have you ever tried Just Egg yet!? Try & report back and share your own recipes below, I’d love to try more!

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Ready for dessert? Click here to check out my Vegan Key Lime Coconut Sugar Cookie recipe using Just Egg!

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