Morocco: Packing & Style Guide

When it comes to packing for Morocco, less is more…room in your backpack to buy all the incredibly cheap and cute Moroccan outfits. I repeat, underpack. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to buy e v e r y t h i n g. 


essentials-1.pngMorocco is an incredibly diverse country, and when it comes to style, there’s an obvious duality between younger generations in western dress and older generations wearing full-coverage hijab (head covering).

While tourism is booming and most anything goes in surfing towns like Taghazout, the country is still predominantly Muslim, so it is best to keep it conservative. Loose-fitting pants, longer tops covering tight bottoms, and maxi dresses are key to keeping covered up. Pick up a djellaba or six (fancy long-sleeve shift dresses that come in so many varieties, fabrics, and colors) and you’ll fit right in. 

shoes (2)
One of the many djellabas I ‘needed’.

The essentials are all you really need. Having visited Morocco in March, it was just starting to warm up, but I was still able to spend time in the mountains and on the beach.


If your backpacking, here’s a quick list of essentials. If you’re lucky enough to bring checked luggage and not have a shopping addiction, I envy you.

– Basic Tank Tops and Tees
– 1-2 longer tops – or buy them there! 
– 1-2 pairs of leggings
– 1 compactable puffy jacket (for Fall / Winter)
– 1-2 pairs of jeans
– 1-3 Maxi dresses and skirts
– A pair of sneakers
– A pair of sandals (save room for more shoes like the below)
– Lightweight long-sleeved layering pieces 
– A lightweight sweater or cardigan to throw over a sleeveless dress.


Headed to The Sahara Desert? Dont’ forget a jacket and layers as the desert doesn’t retain heat and it gets chilly at night.

Pro-tip: Ask your guide if you can rent a “sandboard” aka a snowboard with bindings and no boots, and then try on every dress they have in the store, buy most of them, and board in them.



Stay tuned for the Shopping Guide to Morocco coming soon! 

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