Vegan Key Lime Coconut Sugar Cookies

Inspired by a Key Lime Colada on the beach in Key Largo, let these sugar cookies with a tropical twist transport you to your favorite tropical destination, even if only for a cookie…or three.

Take me back to sunsets on the coast of the Keys at Loreli’s beachside restaurant with a Key Lime Colada in hand. All the creamy coconut deliciousness of a piña colada with a refreshing hint of key limes. There’s just something about these tangy limes by the beach, where you can add them to just about anything to take it up a notch. That key lime colada inspired these sugar cookies with a tropical twist.

These cookies came out soft, chewy, perfectly sweet and zesty on the first try and were then quickly referred to as “crack cookies” by my boyfriend, as he sweetly asked for another batch. He already devoured the first one in minutes. Little does he know about my secret cookie dough stash in the freezer.

I must admit that I did manage to bring back the Key’s famous key lime juice for these, but I did try a batch with ordinary lime juice and they’re just as yummy. This recipe makes about 3 dozen cookies, so you can definitely split the recipe in half or save some dough to bake or just eat in the fridge or freezer!

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Keep Kynd,
♡ Desiree

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